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An innovative printing ink company.

Toyo Ink Europe is the Belgian branch of the artience Group, manufacturing and producing inks in Belgium.

We are not only responsible for sales and R&D in the EMEA region; we also locally produce low-energy inks compliant with EuPIA standards.

Toyo Ink Europe holds a significant presence in the global printing ink market, particularly in energy-curable inks and coatings. We have a top-notch facility in Belgium dedicated to manufacturing these inks and coatings. Our extensive product and service range caters to the packaging, labels, and newspaper printing industries.

We are also leaders in safe inks and coatings for food packaging. Our low-migration UV, LED, and EB inks and coatings comply with regulations such as the Swiss Ordinance and other European standards. Our regulatory team collaborates closely with European organisations to ensure our inks are safe for food packaging. With years of experience in this industry, we provide our customers the appropriate low-energy chemistry and expert advice

artience Group, our parent company, supports us with advanced technology and a strong global sales and service network. This enables us to offer not only our products and expertise but also professional product and quality management to customers worldwide.

We are part of artience Group in Japan

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