Nordic Swan: A Symbol of Nordic Environmental Excellence!

The Nordic Swan, or Nordic Ecolabel, is a powerful symbol of sustainability originating from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Established in 1989, this eco-label aims to guide consumers towards environmentally responsible choices, showcasing the Nordic region's commitment to stringent environmental standards.

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Criteria for Certification
Products and services seeking the Nordic Swan Ecolabel undergo a rigorous assessment, considering factors such as life cycle analysis, chemical restrictions, energy efficiency, waste management, and social responsibility. Regular updates ensure the label remains a relevant indicator of eco-friendly practices.

Key Criteria
   - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Analyzing environmental impacts from raw materials to disposal.
   - Chemical Restrictions: Limiting the use of hazardous substances.
   - Energy and Water Efficiency: Encouraging sustainable resource usage.
   - Waste Management: Promoting recycling and responsible waste disposal.
  - Social Responsibility: Focusing on fair labor practices and responsible sourcing.

Eko Pro S5 Inks: Nordic Swan Approved
We take pride in announcing that our Eko Pro S5 inks have achieved Nordic Swan Ecolabel approval. This prestigious certification underscores our commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in the printing industry.

Significance and Consumer Awareness
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel empowers consumers to make informed choices, fostering a demand for eco-friendly products. This label contributes to global sustainability efforts, showcasing the Nordic countries' commitment to addressing environmental challenges.

As a beacon of environmental responsibility, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel not only guides consumers but also encourages businesses to adopt greener practices. This collaborative effort among Nordic nations sets high standards, creating a positive impact on both local and global markets. With the Nordic Swan approval of our Eko Pro S5 inks, we reaffirm our dedication to providing sustainable solutions in the printing industry.