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Flash Dry Eko Pro S5

The Flash Dry Eko Pro S5 is our newest LED ink, offering premium performance that's unmatched in the market and at the forefront of offset ink technology. It's meticulously crafted to meet and exceed all performance demands of commercial printers. With an optimal ink-water balance, it ensures the highest printing speeds and a very high gloss finish. Additionally, its commitment to sustainability is evident with a Nordic Swan certification and a 100% deinkability score by INGEDE.

Meet our Flash Dry S5

Key Features
• Fast curing with minimum LED/UV energy
• Wide water window
• Stable and high quality printing

Certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
• 100/100 deinkability by INGEDE method 11
• In compliance with EuPIA exclusion policy

Substrate & Press compatibility
All kinds of paper and board
Perfecting presses and commercial printing
 Compliant with ISO 2846-1 to support printers achieving ISO 12647-2


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People, Performance & Planet

Our company is constantly evaluating chemicals and substances and their effect on people, performance and planet.

We continuously strive to avoid the use of hazardous raw materials and want to ensure the safety of our employees, your staff and society as a whole. For Eko Pro we made sure the composition has been modified to the newest update of ECHA and is compliant with the SVHC list.

Eko Pro S5 equals the original S5-series in quality, stability and speed, we want those familiar with the original series to have the same, reliable experience as before. Fabricated for stability on the press, combined with a sharp dot shape, this ink allows for repeatable printing results even at high-speed printing.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable future, we do this by crafting our inks to cure faster with less energy and ensure a score of 100/100 de-inkability by INGEDE (Method 11). On top of that stability of the ink allows for a much faster make-ready at the press, saving you time and causing less paper waste!