UV Screen Varnish

At Toyo Ink Europe, our varnishes do more than just protect printed materials; they elevate their visual appeal. Whether you're seeking a high-gloss finish to accentuate luxury products or a matt finish for a refined, sophisticated look, our dedicated Coating Development Team, backed by years of experience and unparalleled service, ensures that we have the perfect varnish solution tailored to your needs.

Meet the UV Screen Braille Varnish

EXCURE coatings are UV coatings with radical curing mechanism. All are formulated without Benzophenone.

Key features
• Available in multiple viscosities
• Fast curing

• Formulation without Benzophenone
• In compliance with EuPIA exclusion policy

Multi-Substrate compatibility
All kinds of paper and board
 Certain laminating films and plastic

Interested in what else we have to offer?

We have a large range of inks and varnishes for different types of curing, applications and technologies. Don't be afraid and check out what else we can help you with!

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Driving a positive environmental change in the printing industry

Our company is constantly evaluating chemicals and substances and their effect on people, performance and planet.
Toyo Ink Europe maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials wherever possible and reasonable. All our low energy inks and varnishes are made from non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and non-reprotoxic raw materials, which are in line with all the relevant regulations and standards.