Member of EuPIA

Your safety, our concern!

EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) is an organization representing the interests of the printing ink industry in Europe. EuPIA has developed an exclusion policy that outlines the types of raw materials that should not be used in the production of printing inks due to safety and regulatory concerns. The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and compliance of printing inks used in packaging and other printed materials that come into contact with food or other sensitive products.

EuPIA's exclusion policy typically includes substances that are:

  1. Banned by regulations: this includes substances that are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations, such as specific chemicals restricted under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) or other relevant legislation.
  2. Not appropriate for use in food packaging: certain chemicals, even if not explicitly banned, may be deemed unsuitable for use in printing inks intended for food packaging due to potential migration risks or safety concerns.
  3. Subject to potential future restrictions: EuPIA may proactively exclude certain substances that are under regulatory scrutiny or could potentially face restrictions in the future. This pre-emptive action helps ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

By adhering to EuPIA's exclusion policy, ink manufacturers and the printing industry as a whole can help guarantee the safety and regulatory compliance of printed materials, especially those used in food packaging. This policy underscores the industry's commitment to producing safe and compliant printing inks that meet the highest standards for consumer protection. It's essential for ink manufacturers to stay informed about and adhere to such policies to maintain the integrity and safety of their products.

As a member, Toyo Ink Europe is heavily involved in making inks and coatings safer for everyone!