UV and LED Curing White for Food and Non-Food Applications

In the world of packaging, shrink sleeves have emerged as a versatile solution for both food and non-food products. Their ability to conform to unique container shapes and provide 360-degree branding opportunities has made them increasingly popular. Strong opaque white ink for shrink sleeves is a game-changer, particularly for its ability to reduce the impact of container ingredients on packaging design. It not only offers practical benefits but also enhances the aesthetics of the product, allowing fine line work and colour graphics to stand out with striking clarity.

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The Benefits of our Flexo UV and LED Shrink Sleeve White

Enhancing Packaging Design:
Strong opaque white ink acts as a crucial barrier between the container and the label. This barrier effect is particularly important when dealing with coloured or irregularly shaped containers. By effectively concealing the container's surface, it eliminates the risk of ingredients affecting the appearance of the label.

Showcasing Fine Line Work and Colour Graphics:
The strength and opacity of this ink are key attributes. They provide the foundation for fine line work and vibrant colour graphics to shine. This is especially significant for intricate designs and vibrant branding, whether on food products that require standout visuals or non-food items where branding is paramount.

Low Energy Curing:
Both our EXC54903XM (low migration) and EXC55903XY (non-food) can be cured under UV and LED lamps, so it makes no difference which curing device is installed on the press.
An additional benefit of LED is that it requires significantly less power to cure the ink, reducing energy consumption, which is not only cost-effective but also in line with sustainable practices.
Moreover, it operates at lower temperatures, making it ideal for heat-sensitive materials and food packaging. It reduces the risk of damaging the packaging or negatively affecting the product's quality.

Flexibility and Substrate:

A significant challenge in formulating inks for shrink sleeves is ensuring flexibility post-shrinking. The ink can become rigid, leading to cracking, especially with thicker ink films. Both EXC55903XY and EXC54903XM can attain a shrinkability rate up to 80% depending on the substrate. They are designed for printing on a wide range of shrink films, as well as coated papers, films, and label stock. Given the diversity of shrink films, we always recommend comprehensive testing before proceeding to production.

In conclusion, a strong opaque low-energy white ink is vital for shrink sleeve flexo printing. Its capacity to reduce the influence of container ingredients on the label while enhancing the visibility of fine line work and colour graphics, is a win-win for both food and non-food products. In a world where packaging can make or break a purchase decision, the power of this ink cannot be underestimated.