Unveiling the art of de-inking: Pioneering Sustainable Printing Practices with Flash Dry LED Inks

De-inking is a crucial part of paper recycling by removing ink to create high quality recycled paper and reduce the environmental impact. With our commitment to sustainability, we want to put the focus on creating inks with superior print quality while maintaining a high level of de-inking. In this article we take you through the process of de-inking and how we as a company aim to develop top-tier, low energy inks, encouraging responsible printing practices and contributing to a sustainable global ecosystem.

Deinking post

What is de-inking?
De-inking is the process of removing printing ink from paper fibres in order to create recycled paper. It's a crucial step in the paper recycling process and contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of environmental impact.
The goal is to remove as much ink and other undesirable materials as possible while keeping the paper fibres in good shape. This contributes to making the recycling process faster and more efficient

How does de-inking work?
First, used paper is collected and sorted. It is then turned into a mixture with water, which is called “slurry”. After this stage, chemicals such as surfactants and additives are added to remove the ink from the fibres. This mixture goes through several cleaning and screening stages to get rid of impurities and separate the ink particles. Finally, the ink and contaminants are taken out, and only clean fibres remain, which can be used to make high-quality recycled paper

Our role in the de-inking process with Flash Dry
Toyo Ink Europe is committed to promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices within the printing industry. We focus on creating inks that not only provide the highest possible print quality, but which also show a high degree of de-inking. Our team of seasoned researchers carefully formulated our inks so they can be easily removed during the recycling process. This way we have engineered a diverse range of de-inkable inks, with our Flash Dry LED series (S5 and XP) at the forefront. They facilitate efficient paper recycling with a 100% de-inking score from INGEDE without compromising on the print performance.
More so, our Flash Dry LED S5 is one of our pioneering products that has set the industry standard for LED inks and performs exceptionally well at high speeds and on perfecting presses.

As we continue to push the boundaries of the industry, we strive towards developing the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact, aiming to create high-quality, low-energy, de-inkable inks that set a new standard.
We want to keep encouraging responsible printing practices and contribute to a more sustainable global ecosystem.