Exciting collaboration between Asahi Photoproducts, Sappi, and Toyo Ink Europe!

Consumer product companies today more than ever focus on the improvement of a sustainable print packaging supply chain.  Packaging in general is one of the mayor contributor to secure food procurement and keep food waste at low levels.

At Labelexpo we showcased intelligent flexible packaging concepts such as our Steraflex LED Low Migration pouch, showing proactive ways of making attractive food safe packaging using less energy, more efficiency and better quality ink.

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The goal of this project was, by partnering with likeminded companies, to guide the industry through available environmentally balanced solution towards a lower CO2 printed packaging supply chain.

The Asahi Photoproducts AWPTM water wash plates do not use hydrocarbon VOC solvents in their plate washout solution ensuring a positive ambient working environment as well as drastically reducing energy consumption as no extensive plate drying time is needed.

The Toyo Ink Europe low energy Steraflex LED Food range, reduces the packaging's CO2 footprint and enables a technology change from high energetic (and polluting) mercury UV curing lamps towards low energy emitting diodes.

Sappi's cutting edge one-sided coated sealable paper Guard MS Silk eliminates the need for additional laminated film, which reduces drastically the number of plastic protective layers used in the food packaging industry.

The water washable plates, the low energy low migration flexo printing ink and the coated paper were brought together on a Nilpeter FA17 LED flexo press at the Romanian print house Exodus, which resulted in this nice example of what a chocolate pouch could look like!

In case you need further information, our would like to receive a sample, do not hesitate to contact us!